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About Us

Live Fresh Delicious

SAMONYU Group, your one stop, full-service partner for nationwide food distribution.

We supply and deliver full ranges of frozen seafood products and food stuff sourced from major production regions worldwide, processed with Halal Certified requirements and distribute to our business associates in Food and Beverage Industry, and retail customers nationwide and Singapore.

We are renowned for being a reliable food supplier with Halal certification by Jakim that offers Muslim friendly food products. We equip our business associates in the food and beverage industry with food supply and industry connections, and provides them the advantages to stay at the forefront of the culinary profession.

SAMONYU Group specializes in fish and seafood trade. We offer a wide variety of frozen fish and seafood products, especially salmon fish, both wild catch and farmed raised in fresh water and takes care of the import and distribution to all region in the country. With our expertise and experience in handling salmon fish, we are one of the preferred suppliers for salmon fish in Malaysia.
We have built a reliable network in the supply chain. We process, pack and deliver in quantities that suit your business, from a single pallet to a full container load.

Our main customers are active in the following food sectors: Industry, Wholesale, Foodservice & Retail.

Our food safety management and product quality are enhanced with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification from SGS. We are renowned for being a reliable partner that offers high quality food products and brands. We provide professional services in every aspect of our customers’ business, including our packaging, quality control, logistics and customer service. We offer all our services with competitive pricing.

Passion to Progress


We aspire to be the preferred business partner for fine quality food supplies and distribution as well as the benchmark practitioner in Salmon Fish handling.


We aim to deliver excellent and professional service and to be the strong support that helps our customers to grow.


We are flexible and fast to drive change. We have an uncompromising focus on impact and excellence. We do whatever it takes to delight our customers.


We act with honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness.


We support and share responsibility with the members of our team to ensure the sustainability and success of our organization. We focus on customers’ needs and is professionally committed to provide exemplary service and we hold ourselves accountable for results.


We are persistent in our pursuits of major victories and humble in our successes.

Our Supreme Seafood Products

SAMONYU Group takes great pride in offering our customers great choices. Our experienced sourcing team possess wide ranges of knowledge to source safe, legal, and quality food products from major production areas throughout the world.

Our premium seafood includes fresh and frozen salmon, top-quality sea catches and farm shrimps and fishes, various seafood products such as lobster, oyster, abalone, crab, squid, unagi, scallops, mussels and clams.

We insist in the conviction of sustainability on our specialisation in salmon fish supply and keep improving to supply the best quality products for our customers.

We are building a brand around a fresh and quality food supply from the source on daily basis. Our efficient and competent procurement team ensures foods stay fresh and creating a high inventory turnover by purchasing appropriate amounts at the right time and at the best price from various sources of supply.

Our Committed Services

SAMONYU Group provides customized and personalized services such as food processing and packaging according to our customers’ specification. We engage flexible scale of order quantity with a wide range of food experience to fulfil our customer’s requirement and their specific industrial needs.

To support specific requirements and needs for our commercial customers (“B2B”) and retail customers (“B2C”), our operation team customized the processing of food stuff, and the packaging according to the prescribed measurement as required.

Uncompromised cleanliness is our overarching requirement and it is applied to every aspect from food handling and processing of food until delivery to the customers’ door step.

Our daily delivery ensures that the freshness and quality of food are not compromised. Our comprehensive facilities in warehousing and operation alows us to deliver service excellence, make customers’ live easier and help them to grow.