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Mochi ~ 6pc /set ~ mix 2 flavour

Mala Crayfish 麻辣味小龙虾 +-700gm

JAPAN ~ Premium Grade Wasabi Tub 150gm

Salmon Dumpling 三文鱼锅贴饺子 (6pcs /pkt) *Recommend*

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Wasabi in tube (90mg/tube)

鸡肉饺子 Chicken Gyoza (12-13pc /pkt) *Recommend*

Japanese Curry Mix 92gm - Medium Hot

三文鱼腐竹卷 Salmon Crispy Roll (6pcs /pkt)

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三文鱼汉堡(百里香)Salmon Burger (Thyme Herbs) 2pc /pkt

Smoked Chicken Wing (6pc/pkt)

*NEW* Garlic Butter Chicken Chop (Marinate) +-200gm *Recommend*

*NEW* Smokey Chicken Chop (Marinate) +-200gm *Recommend*

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Marinated Smokey Salmon Slice 2pcs /pkt (+-250g)

Gari Shoga Pink (Ginger) 80g

Siakap Fillet (1pc)

Chicken Gyoza 鸡肉饺子 (12-13pc /pkt) *Recommend*

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Chicken Chop 2kg

Premium ~ Halibut Steak 比目鱼 ~ 1pc (+-300gm)

Taiwan King Fish 台湾高脂马鲛鱼 (+-400g)

豆腐卜Tau Fu Pok (6pc /tray)

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Yong Tao Fu 酿豆腐 ( 7pcs /set )

奶酪鸡卷 Cheese Chicken Roll (8pcs /pkt)

金黄豆腐鱼卷 Golden Beancurd Fish Roll (10pcs /pkt) *Recommend*

Sabah Vannamei Prawn ~ Premium Grade (+-250g)

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