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Super Value : Norway Fresh Trout 5pc + FOC Teriyaki Sauce 100ml

Vege Mix Box

Mochi ~ 6pc /set ~ mix 2 flavour

Salmon Dumpling 三文鱼锅贴饺子 (6pcs /pkt) *Recommend*

RM 99.00Add to CartRM 35.00Add to CartRM 14.50RM 11.00Add to CartRM 17.50RM 15.00Add to Cart

鸡肉饺子 Chicken Gyoza (12-13pc /pkt) *Recommend*

三文鱼腐竹卷 Salmon Crispy Roll (6pcs /pkt)

三文鱼汉堡(百里香)Salmon Burger (Thyme Herbs) 2pc /pkt

Salmon Chowder Soup 250gm

RM 9.90Add to CartRM 17.50RM 15.00Add to CartRM 17.50RM 15.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to Cart

New Zealand LambChop 2pc /Set*Recommend*

Breaded Dory Fillet (+-170gm /pc)*Recommend*

Smoked Chicken Wing (6pc/pkt)

*NEW* Garlic Butter Chicken Chop (Marinate) +-200gm *Recommend*

RM 22.00Add to CartRM 7.50Add to CartRM 15.90RM 11.90Add to CartRM 10.00RM 8.00Add to Cart

*NEW* Smokey Chicken Chop (Marinate) +-200gm *Recommend*

Chicken Chop 2kg

Chicken Breast 2kg

豆腐卜Tau Fu Pok (6pc /tray)

RM 10.00RM 8.00Add to CartRM 42.00Add to CartRM 25.00Add to CartRM 15.50RM 12.50Add to Cart

Yong Tao Fu 酿豆腐 ( 7pcs /set )

奶酪鸡卷 Cheese Chicken Roll (8pcs /pkt)

金黄豆腐鱼卷 Golden Beancurd Fish Roll (10pcs /pkt) *Recommend*

香嫩鸡滑 Chicken Paste +-500gm

RM 11.50RM 8.50Add to CartRM 12.90RM 9.90Add to CartRM 11.50RM 8.50Add to CartRM 18.00Add to Cart

鱼酿料 Fish Paste 1kg (Mackerel)

Nyonya Steam Paste 娘惹蒸酱 150g /pkt

Stim Taucu 酱蒸 Sweet and Spicy Paste Chili Bean Steam 180g

泰式柠檬蒸酱 Thai Style Lemon Steam Sauce 250g

RM 25.00Add to CartRM 12.90RM 9.90Add to CartRM 12.90RM 9.90Add to CartRM 15.00RM 12.50Add to Cart

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