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三文鱼Salmon & Seafood海鲜

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Frozen Atlantic Salmon 智利三文鱼 - 半条鱼 Half Fish (+-1kg) 2set RM99 only *HOT ITEM*

FH0020 Norway Fresh Trout 挪威三文鱼 - 半条Half Fish (2 - 2.5kg)FREE COOLER BAG *LIMITED QTY *HOT ITEM*

Frozen Atlantic Salmon Tail 三文鱼尾 (+-200gm /pc) Buy 10 Free 5

H0013 三文鱼骨Salmon Fish Bone *Limited Qty*

RM 59.50Add to CartRM 183.00RM 150.00Add to CartRM 12.00Add to CartRM 9.90RM 5.00Add to Cart

Salmon Collar

Bawal hitam (600-700gm)

龙虎斑 Dragon Tiger Grouper ( 800g - 1kg )

石斑 Grouper ( 800g - 1kg )

RM 5.00Add to CartRM 25.00Add to CartRM 65.00Add to CartRM 67.00Add to Cart

金目鲈 Barramundi (Ikan Siakap) 800g - 1kg

Sashimi Grade Hamachi Fillet Whole Pc

Tilapia Fillet 非洲鱼片(2pcs /set)

FH0007 Toman Fish Slice 多曼鱼片 (+-500gm)

RM 36.00Add to CartRM 165.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to CartRM 19.50Out of Stock

COD Fish 鳕鱼

PR0014 虎虾 Black Tiger Prawn

PR0012 明虾 Sea White Prawn (code: 31/40)

PR0018 白虾 White Prawn

RM 55.00Add to CartRM 45.00Add to CartRM 45.00Add to CartRM 29.50Out of Stock

PR0002 明虾 Sea White Prawn (code: 41/50)

Nobashi Ebi (Prawn Meat) 20pcs/tray

虾仁肉 Prawn Meat

US Scallop (+-400gm)

RM 37.90Add to CartRM 25.00RM 21.00Add to CartRM 32.50RM 28.50Add to CartRM 40.00Add to Cart

SO0012 全壳黑蚝Full Shell Black Mussel 900g-1kg

SO0006 半壳带子 Half Shell Scallop 7-8cm (+-500gm)

OT0001 鲍鱼片 Abalone Slice

Giant Tentacle (300-350gm)

RM 13.90RM 11.90Add to CartRM 15.00Add to CartRM 12.90Add to CartRM 9.90Add to Cart
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